Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stewart Falls Hike

Today we went on a fun, but long 2.5 hour/4 mile hike to Stewart Falls from Aspen Grove just above (west of) Sundance. We went with Jesse, Christie, Parker, Ella, & Jackson (in a backpack!). Owen had to be carried most of the way home and we saw the falls, but were about .15 miles from the actual trail end because O had to go #2 and refused to squat. The boys (and girls) did great! Afterwards we went straight to Marianne Bentley Carter's for a fun Halloween party. There were a lot of "old" Newport Beach stake faces there to catch up with. Including Jen Streiff, Susie & Dave (so awesome), Mike Bunker (never met him before, very nice guy), Justin Stratton, Katie, it was fun. We are so tired. I need to go to the store and get ham, I hope I make it before sabbath.

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Rachel said...

Sounds fun, the hike & the party. Sorry that you didn't make it all way for O's #2. Just don't puke & laugh in the car:)