Thursday, April 19, 2007

Red Butte Day!

Penelope & Amanda after our successful Costco trip! Still sleeping...

Tanner, Holden, & Owen playing in the snow - YESTERDAY!

It started out as a yucky day, after snowing yesterday and a bit of wind and snow last night, but today ended up nippy but lovely. So the three kids and I headed up to Red Butte (the kids have been begging to go). And again, you would have thought they hadn't been there in 10 years. First they loved pointing out where all of the dinosaurs used to be (last year the Dino Park in Ogden lent some dinos to Red Butte for exhibit) and then they would say, "oh I remember this" about everything. Everyone was happy, Penelope slept through it all, and it was beautiful. It feels so great to be out and about again. We had a successful Costco trip this week and everything! Oh and we even had Tanner over for a playdate! I am still limiting my "big trips" to once a week, self-imposed. What else...Oh Sanjaya, I couldn't wait to blog about this! I AM SO GLAD HE IS GONE! For his poor sake and for the rest. I can't believe that Blake and LaKisha (my 2 favorites, although I think I voted for everyone else, except Sanjaya, this week) were in the bottom 3! And I love Thursdays because even though I try to go to bed between 8-9, I have shows to watch for the mid-night feedings! I have been recording stuff from Fuel TV for heaven's sake. It's great, but all of the attitude and stoniness and my jealousy of their fun, carefree lives (maybe a little) are getting to me.


Rachel said...

Cute girls in their matching carseats! Hopefully we'll get Isabel up there with her matching seat soon! (or at least before she grows out of it:))

I haven't even done Costco, so you are way ahead of me.

For midnight feedings, find an old show and catch up. My new fav? The OC on Oxygen. I just finished the 1st season and it was soo good (soo much better than at the end!)


Dan & Caitlin Creer said...

That picture of Penelope and Amanda is to die for! They are just two peas in a pod! Can't wait to meet my little neice and her BFF!

katieandboys said...

just testing! Love you.