Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Update/Happy Skate Day

I don't want to jinx anything, but little 3 month old P (3 months as of yesterday!) has slept through the night from between 7-8 PM until about 5 AM, for the last 3 nights. She doesn't have the day time nap thing down, she sleeps here and there for 15-20 minutes at a time, but we can work on that.

We've been swimming a lot. So much in fact that I am pretty sure Holden had heat stroke on Wednesday. We came home on Wednesday afternoon, after swimming for hours at Kate's pool, and he slept all day, not feeling well, and then about 8 PM when O was going down, H awoke as if in a night terror totally trippin' about things getter bigger and getting him and all sorts of crazy with a wicked fever. It totally freaked me out, and once I calmed down, thanks to AK, we carried him into the cooler basement guest bed to sleep. Poor guy. Yesterday, mid-morning, he was all back to his cute, helpful, charming self, and was even okay hanging out at home all day and most importantly staying out of the sun and heat.

O is totally different with his brother out of the picture. We've noticed this when we've had him in the car alone, on walks, etc. He talks and talks and has so many stories and happenings, it's really fun. So with H in bed, O and I scooted to the park, did some exercises (he loves the "exercise" park) and hung out for a long time. He just totally ignores us when his awesome big brother is around to bug, so it was great to have O all to myself. Otherwise, everything is fun.

I went on an awesome bike ride this morning, 8 miles, Sunnyside almost killed me, but cruising home down Wasatch was great. I left at 5:45 which was perfect, very little traffic, if any, and just a few roadies out there. Now I am having second thoughts about selling the road bike, but of course, I still want the new one. Isn't this just how I work? I am not stupid you know and I most often get exactly what I want, right?

A few things I have been checking out on the tube lately that I find entertaining/hilarious. The Wonder Pets, especially the "Puppy" episode. "Ming-Ming, where did you go?" "I don't know, where did I go?" I finally got this episode tivo'd and will continue to watch it over and over and laugh as if it was the first time when I was with Rachel, oh and the kids of course. Next up, Rob and Big. We let the kids watch some of this, it is hilarious. It is pretty well staged, but to hang out with these guys would be hilarious. Mini-horse is incredible. Next up, New Pollution on Fuel, I love watching this with the kids especially. You know to motivate them a little. The show showcases little kids from like 8 years old to about 16 that rock at skating, surfing, snow boarding, etc. Those three are my favorites to watch. Look for the Knight's to get season passes this year so our kids will just have to follow in the footsteps of our ripping ways. Finally, since I am doing WW for the rest of my lifetime, the next show should be totally against my WWF (as AK calls it) religion and it is, but I love watching Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa. It is my guilty pleasure since she uses at least a pound of butter with absolutely every 2-person meal. Oh well. When the show music starts Holden recognizes and jumps over exclaiming "My Favorite Show". He just likes to watch her make the desserts though. No veggies, meats, or anything of redeeming value for that kid (except fruits). So when I am trying not to shop, holding/nursing P (which is like every hour on the hour during the day), avoiding housework/or slowly folding clothes in front of the tube, these shows are what I am wasting my brain cells on watching.

I guess it's "go skate day" today, thus the photo. And I don't know if you know but I could watch skateboarding all day. It is so entertaining and fascinating for me. I should have reminded AK so he could go on a longboard session. Oh well. He is "camping" with the boys tonight in the Taylor's backyard. Il a va demain.


Trevlyn said...

I'm with you on the Wonder Pets! They're as hilarious as they are adorable!!! I'll have to check out Rob and Big! Gotta run! I'm off to the skate park!:)

MarySue said...

I can't believe P is 3 months!!! Hugs, kisses and Big Moon coming soon. Loves.