Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tin/Aluminum Anniversary

So for the 10th anniversary which is the tin/aluminum anniversary, I have ordered, via Chip and Norda's, a new mountain bike (disc brakes and front suspension, kind of cheap, but then I can justify...) and a new bike trailer (since we outright stole/refused to return the Bunches' Burley trailer, until they stole it back). I really want a Chariot (P could go in it now, with a special seat thing) but Chip has a nice Burley d'lite at the store, which we get with AK's best friend discount. What do you think? I can't wait to ride. Oh, my road bike that I bought in 2005 is on the market (here at which should almost cover the cost. I just don't want to gear up anymore, which with clipless pedals and a gnarly road bike, you kind of have to spandex out (mine are cut below the knee, like tight knickers or capris, they aren't too horrible). It's just too much work and I need the easy exercise like last week!

By the way, I just said "Hiddy" referring to the not so lovely pic my DH posted of me on his blog (at the very, very bottom of his blog). Anyone remember that one?


Trevlyn said...

Awesome bike! What a great family activity! Can't wait until winter so we can bike again!!!:) Those trailers are awesome!!!

Trevlyn said...

I love your "blogover"!!!