Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Liz!

Happy Birthday Lizzie! When I was little and you were a blossoming, terribly messy, chic, and brilliant teenager, you were my idol. I would wear your clothes (after you left for school), mostly wearing too big sized full Esprit pant suits, the silk b/w jacket, and always shopping where you worked at the Limited, even though that too was a little big for my 5th/6th grade-ness. I went so far as to copy how you used to do the "nose wipe" which I think you may have been trying to pull up your nose? It's hard to explain, but you would pull your nose by your palm upwards. Even to the way you brushed your teeth (vertically, to benefit our huge front teeth,I suppose). I have still always loved your chin length bob that you sport in your Becky and you dance photo. You've always had it all - big boobs, sense of style (wholly your own), smarts, artistic talent, scripture mastery (I clearly remember at Irvine Terrace house your all day B of M reading binge), captain of cheerleading, hot guys (dude, Gunnar G., like the hottest guy ever at CDM!), and good friends. Now you have a great career and sweet family to add to that, what a great example. Thanks for all the memories and to many more... Love, Boo P.S. Since you are not a blog reader, I will have to email this to you or something.


Brittany and Derek said...

It's always fun to reminisce on old times with the siblings...although I can't make fun of any clothes a sister used to wear, so I will live vicariously through you guys. anyways, I copied that whole wheat banana bread recipe- that sounds so good- and I haven't baked banana bread since college!! I love your blog and will keep checking in- and yes I do remember helping you and andy move in as newly weds- that was the best!!!!

Megan said...

Yay Liz! I love you too! Thanks Annette for the awesome tribute.