Sunday, September 09, 2007

Grateful Sunday

Owen's first day of BH Pre-K (GS #11. Yeah no more driving in the morning, we love the morning walk to school!).

1. A forgiving husband (we'll work on the forgetting - he is a completely white personality type).
2. P sucking on her toes.
3. H's very loose tooth.
4. O's awesome sleeveless grey "basketball" shirt and green basketball shorts.
5. Sleepy, Stake Conference Sundays. And the uplifting talks and "string symphony concert" (I was in the Mother's room, and thought they changed the speaker system to a concert tape, it was amazing!).
6. H reading Does a Cow Say Boo? without help, force, or complaint.
7. The beautiful nearby canyons, the anticipation of fall, and the amazing changing leaves.
8. Scripture Class starting this week! Yeah! And being able to complete New Testament in Scripture Class with the great old Orange manual.
9. These dumb Stephanie Meyer's book, which I will be grateful to finish Eclipse (like Molasses) and see the movies that the books were so clearly written to become.
10. Ikea in SLC.


Christie K said...

I can't wait for Asher to find his toes. I bet P is adorable. What's a white personality type?

go boo boo said...

Oh dear. There are four colors. Blue, Red, Yellow, and White. I am a yellow(fun & egotistical)/red (power driven). I have taken the tests at least 3 times (one in hs by Mom, red; 2nd as newlyweds, still red/a little more yellow - AK was stunned that the white profile he is described his personality so well; 3rd I was full on yellow with a little red, this test was taken at Pacific Life with the 100 or so other people in our Real Estate Investment department, and I was the only yellow! It was kind of embarrassing, everyone else seemed to be blue/red, and they all picked out who the only yellow was (me!). Actually this morning in the priesthood session of stake conf, Pres. Warner suggested all couples take such a test (I will post the web address when I get it from AK), for better communication, understanding, etc.

Rachel said...

I seriously can't take how cute your kids are. SERIOUSLY.

I love IKEA too. I am thinking about going tomorrow...maybe Mom will come along so I can actually shop. hehe!

Liz said...

Annette, I am not at all surprised that you're a yellow - you're always so fun to be around. Don't you think true yellows are kind of rare? You should post the link, I would love to take the test again b/c I do think your color changes a bit depending on the season of life you're in. I was also a total red in high school and I'm positive I'm not anymore. Have you heard of the Meyers/Briggs personality test? It's really good - I should find the link again and you should take it. It's so interesting to see what you and your spouse end up being.

Ummmm, how was Stake Conference? We kinda missed it. But we just arrived home after midnight from welcoming Tim's parents home from Ukraine. See, we had to get our afternoon naps today!! =)

Tausha said...

What started the Grateful Sunday blogs that you and katie both have? It is such a great idea!

Trevlyn said...

Gorgeous kidlets!!! I love pictures you recently emailed!!! P is getting more gorgeous by the day!

MarySue said...

So much for which to be grateful and I wish I could share more of those darling grands, fall, colorful leaves and your scripture class that you've taken me to twice and I loved it. Thanks for sharing. Loves.

Kristen said...

cute pics of your kids. that P, I could eat her. one of these days i might do a "grateful" post.