Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Grateful Tuesday

  1. Family Cabin - It's not pretty, but it sure does the trick for getting away, having a great view, and being tight with family "away from it all" for a few days. (Pictures coming soon...)
  2. Tents - Even though there are only 3 of us, and the cabin technically sleeps 11-12, it gave me my own bed and room with P, O (the horizontal snuggler sleeper, which I love and not prefer at the same time) his own bed, and a fun few nights under the stars for those who choose to "camp out" (H & Dad).
  3. A 45-minute sacrament on Sunday due to 1,600 people in attendance at the special summer extra Sacrament service, which led to a very contemplative time for me. Oh and for Grandma and Grandpa taking the boys to the morning sacrament meeting. I felt like a newlywed again being just AK and I in sacrament meeting, it was very nice.
  4. My bike and my body that allowed me to travel via my own power between Utah and Idaho on Saturday. Although it was only a 25 mile ride, it sounds like a lot to say you've biked through 2 states in the early morning. And my fun trial ride up Logan Canyon on Monday morning, which I will do in 3 weeks when we return to the cabin. And I must say, my safety on these road rides, since drivers (usually the bigger car the more likely the "clown") are clueless and like to try and beat the bike and/or choose to ignore my blinking tail light and quite bright head-light (not so far, but I foresee this happening).
  5. My awesome DH.


Christie K said...

How in the world do you do a 25 mile bike ride? I would die after 1 mile maybe even less. You go girl!

MarySue said...

Loved getting caught up on what you're doing. Sounds great!! I too am majorly impressed with your biking; you ironwoman!!! Loves.

Katie said...

And you want a suburban? Anyways- thanks for biking with me- I love it! You do have a great body (he he)

jody said...

Sounds fun to me! I too love your darling husband. Be sure and give him a hug from is "Old Aunt" love ya

Rachel said...

25 is no big deal? Get over it. I found a couple more ladies to bike with. I am going for the hill again tomorrow...hopefully I won't barf.

Trevlyn said...

You're awesome! 25 Miles!!! Go Boo Boo!!!