Sunday, November 18, 2007

Grateful Sunday

"Owen what are you grateful for?"

"I am grateful for Penelope and Dad and my house. I know how to draw a dress now." (He drew P in a triangle dress today at church.) "You just go "zzzzt zzzzt zzzzt"' (as he air draws a triangle). He also learned how to write our last name today (H taught him).

I didn't get a chance to ask H what he was grateful for between looking for his leapster...aaargh where is that thing? P is grateful for food. She loves the stuff.
Photo taken a few months ago, in August I believe. Note the living room paint color has changed from sunny yellow to an awesome bluesy hue. And O looks so much older now. I can't stand it, I wish they would stop growing for like one minute!


Brooke said...

Don't you love what they're grateful for? They are so cute! Grey said the same thing. "I'm grateful for our house and shoes." Sometimes he says our windows. (which actually suck! they're the originals, but I guess better than nothing!)

Rachel said...

He is such a babe-o-lious! I love the triangle dress.

Christie K said...

SOOO Cute!!

Megan said...

We our O and are grateful for him! Especially Morgan who will always have someone to beat up her boyfriends!