Sunday, December 09, 2007

Grateful Sunday

  1. Funny People - "The Gap Girls" sketch from SNL that always makes me laugh (My favorite part is 4:14 into it, watch the whole thing though). The professional bloggers Dooce and Dub and Confessions of a Pioneer and Sue for telling funny and real stories that entertain and make me laugh. Liz J and her awesome "speaking" voices for Tim and Caroline.
  2. Our daily Christmas chain countdown. A scripture, a song, and a story. I love how it brings the spirit into our home, for even just a few minutes (and then we bark at them to get into bed, and there goes the spirit). I love that we won't miss a Christmas song this season!
  3. President Eyring's talk. Only after hearing it live, seeing it again at least 2 times (Tivo), reading it, and then listening to a talk and RG lesson on it did I finally apply it to my life. Am I stubborn or what?
  4. A nice long no-guilt nap, since P & O were napping at the same time.
  5. P loving "Patty Cake"
  6. Deja Vu.
  7. Being inspired by Rachel and Ryan who ran a 5 K this Saturday in 29 minutes and 25 minutes, respectively. You skinny, fit, weather loving people rock!
  8. The snow for having a better excuse not to go outside running.
  9. P's cute hat that keeps her warm on our walks to school and that everyone we see compliments.


Rachel said...

Stop it with P's hat. SERIOUSLY I can't take it anymore. I think you are attacking me until I come to see her...Maybe it is working.

I didn't watch the Gap Girls cause I am too exhausted, but LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING!!!

Liz said...

Oooh, thank you for the Gap Girls. It was exactly what I needed tonight. Classic!

We need to copy your countdown to Christmas chain - what a great idea. You guys do such a good job. Thanks for the example.

Christie K said...

Did I make that I hat? It is so cute on her. She should be mine you know? She and Asher really could pass as twins.

MarySue said...

Thank you for another picture of P to enjoy from too long a distance and thank you for the reminder of how much I loved Pres. Eyrings talk. Oh how much we need reminders and rereads.