Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Megan

There is no one I know that:

  1. Loves babies more

  2. More willing to serve others, thus having the luckiest neighbors, friends, and sisters in the world

  3. Misses her husband more

  4. Is most protective of her siblings

  5. Always willing to have the scrounging Knight's up for dinner when they leave huge hints or even directly just ask to be invited up.

  6. bowls with flair and her own shoes and ball

  7. laughs harder and more joyfully

  8. served on her mission harder

  9. loves Jesus so wholeheartedly

  10. watches shows like "the Bachelor" more religiously and with groups of friends ala 90210 and Melrose Place days.

  11. are you kidding me, there is no one that loves Diet Coke more

  12. loves Irvine - the inland empire of minivans - or can get others to love it too (including me!)

  13. loves the PTA more (2 Presidencies at 2 amazing schools wow!)

  14. loves leading choir more, even without any previous experience and possibly without being musically inclined at all (I am just saying..)

  15. treats her babysitters like family more.

  16. loves her minivan more.

  17. cuddles her babies more.

  18. loves living in the D.C. more

  19. retains friendships best.

  20. is wholly and proudly "Daddy's girl" most.

  21. is Mom's biggest fan.

  22. wow, let's just pretend you are 22 today! I mean you are amazing and accomplished, but seriously, I've got to get dressed! I love you loads Megan! Happy 22nd Birthday!


Megan said...

I would love to just be 22! Thank you for the props! You are a great sister and I love you! And you are ALWAYS invited to dinner!

Rachel said...

All very true!

MarySue said...

Wow, I want to be like Megan when I grow up. Happy birthday.