Thursday, December 27, 2007

Loot from Santa

Penelope's doll-baby. More of a present for me than for her. Owen was quite suspicious since he surprised-ly and excitedly recalled buying it at Tutoring Toy and was all-the-morning kind of skeptical.

It was car-track Christmas for the boys. H got a slot car race track (again maybe for a nostalgic mom more than anything) and O got his Hot Wheelers and this cool mechanical track that talks too. H got a few movies that they have watched 3 and 2 times each, at least (Shrek 3 and Ratatouille, respectively) and loves his new Leapster game and Webkinz (which they both kind of just snuggle and haven't really figured out the internet aspect of it, which I like). They are equally frustrated and enjoying their Star Wars transformers and have made a mess with the Moon Sand (Santa thought it would be more like our favorite Playdoh, oh well). I have yet to use my bike trainer, but am very excited (my widening bum and cookie filled tummy is too!). AK wore his new Snowbird 'Snowboarding Makes Me Happy' tee but has yet to use his Le Creuset or read his Lauren Conrad & Heidi cover magazines (hee hee!). It was an awesome, in budget, mellow, and early to bed Christmas Eve-Christmas for us!

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Trevlyn said...

Love the sock monkey pjs!!! Hot wheel tracks are the best!