Friday, January 11, 2008

Admitting, It's been a S.A.D. Week

The good things about not leaving your house except for Visiting Teaching interview (13 minutes), Visiting Teaching (2.15 hours), going to bug sister (2.65 hours), and music class at said sister's church (56 minutes), plus drive thru Molcasalsa (I was STARVING!), is that I only spent $4.95 this week (on the said Molcasalsa Bean & Cheese & Diet Coke - gross I know, but really so good). No trips to Costco, Wally World, Harmon's, Dan's, Albertson's, they must be wondering where I am. I have been spinning in the comforts of my home on my trainer (I finally figured out that I needed my iPod to really get me moving! and simulating a "real" spin class), which is so funny for my kids who don't get it at all why I am not moving but look super funny spinning my legs like crazy and asking for water every 5 minutes. I have been dying to go snowshoeing and even snowboarding tomorrow, but with snowshoeing I haven't quite the knowledge to know if P's face will freeze if I put her in the backpack, and for the first snowboarding session of the year (pathetic I know, but I swear, it's what 3 kids does to you, which I wouldn't trade for the world by the way), I don't want to go alone.

These are the boys and S right now, brains turning to oatmeal watching Shrek the Third for the 23rd time.


JESS said...

Only $4.95 for a bean & cheese burr AND a DC? That is cheaper than La Frontera! Well done.

Rachel said...

SAD does wonder for the budget!

My tip? Go tanning...not for a tan, but just for the feeling. Do it really low and for like 10 minutes. That was my curse in winter in UT.

Or save up some more next week and come see me:)

derrek & adrienne tyler said...

i'm so jealous that you can spin at home! if you're ever looking for a boarding (well, i ski but we can all be freinds) partner i'm ALWAYS up for it when things like "jobs" don't get in the way. ;)