Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

  1. Grateful that my boys came home from spring training safely. (That is Arizona's baseball spring training, wherein professional baseball teams play practice games in small, practice fields against one another - I explain because someone thought I sent my kids and AK to like their own spring training, wherein they run laps and stadiums and up and down the beach until they puke - oh sorry, flashback to heck week for v-ball).
  2. Grateful the 'rents are in town and I actually get to see them quite a bit, and we get to have slobbery, "we are so great" meetings (we have very high self-esteem, a strong positive outlook on life, and very high self-esteem, we think we are great! Okay, we know our faults, but we truly try to accentuate the positive and I think have a great ability to forgive (ourselves and others) and forget the negative. Or we are just truly setting ourselves up...
  3. Grateful I got to wake up to my favorite winter-time view of snow clinging to the trees, and getting to laugh that the boys have been swimming and watching baseball games in 80 degrees and what that they were coming back to winter wonderland.
  4. Grateful to have spent a lollygag lerking weekend with my girl P. And I even didn't bail on her to snowboard on a 11" overnight day (I nearly did, but didn't, alright!). We did a lot of driving, reading books, struggling and snuggling at church, REI garage sale madness (twice!), J&M B house sleepover, EQ b-ball final regional game (yes, AK was out of town, although he usually does play, it was a little awkward, but I hung with my lady peeps on both teams - since we were playing the Taylor's ward!), Edgewater house peek, driving, a little Oneity shopping (and then re-discovering her other half closet full of 18-24 month spring/summer collection), and Pei Wei (she loves the spicy!).


Anonymous said...

Hah! I almost called you, Friday night, to see if you wanted to board and I'd take P for the day!!!

liz said...

Where do I find an auntie like that? Seriously.