Sunday, April 06, 2008

Perfect Day - Grateful Sunday

I heard the best thing this morning. A child wake up. Open the pantry door, pull out a cereal box, get a bowl from the "kid utensil" drawer, open the fridge and get out the milk, pour the cereal, pour the milk, and have his own "first breakfast". He later said, "You know when we are at a restaurant and you eat the food before dinner (appetizers)? That's what I had this morning." He didn't want to miss out on "Second Breakfast" of German Oven pancakes (aka "Dutch Babies") with strawberries, lemon juice, and brown sugar. I loved sitting all together and eating breakfast and Andy's "European" lunch of whole wheat "hazmat" crackers, cheese, deli meat, and cara cara oranges. I threw a little chocolate in there for dessert. You know just like the French.

After having conference running all day yesterday, and not catching much (on the first and second showing of each!) we really were able to sit and listen and get the kids to color a temple and some other activities provided by the primary. I look forward to playing conference bingo with the boys this afternoon.

President Monson is the man. We loved hearing Dad's re-telling of the "ear wiggle story" from last night's Priesthood session. And President Uchtdorf's airplane analogies. I also loved yesterday's choir version of "Praise to the Man", it was amazing!

P.S. Extra bonus - We tended our neighbors darling 5 month old baby girl this morning while her parents attended the morning session. P was thrilled to have a little baby to giggle at and the boys loved making her happy too. I loved having a baby fall asleep in my arms again and getting to hold her while she slept for more than an hour. Thank you S & L!


Christie K said...

Sounds like a lovely day!! Didn't you just love Ballard's talk addressed to moms. I especially liked the part where he called on dads to roll up their sleeves and help out with the kids after work. Confirms what we knew all along.

go boo boo said...

Yes! I loved Ballards talk and President Monson's funny quips afterwards.

Lauri said...

What a great kid! I am all about having a "first and second breakfast!" AND a "first and second lunch" and a first and second dinner."

Rachel said...

Sounds loverly!

Megan B said...

Pres. Monson IS the man. I could really sense during the conference the weight of the Prophetic mantel falling onto his shoulders. He really became the Prophet as we sustained him. What a wonderful feeling to know he is here to guide us and is oh so prepared and awesome!

And YAY for kids who get their own breakfast (and get some for their younger siblings too as mine do). Sorry we missed the opera. Bad us. Bad us. We had a crazy crazy afternoon with dance pics for Cameron and all. I am so sorry. Will Holden dress up as a Pirate and sing opera for us sometime?

Megan B said...

P.S. John DID NOT tell me about the "REMINDER" call you gave until 2 minutes ago and it is 10:15 pm.