Friday, May 09, 2008

P & McK Playdate and Chairs and First Shows

McK and P, really a first playdate, and P's real first time acknowledging a TV program (Baby Einstein, of course, Baby Newton to be specific). I know, unlike my other Baby Einstein addicts and TV drones, H & O, this lady has never been shown, needed, or otherwise shown interest in the TV babysitter. I don't know how I've showered the last 13 1/2 months. And this is P's first time sitting in this chair. So cute!
McK's mom was attempting to acquire tickets to see Stephanie Meyer, to no avail! :( By the way, I think Edward is gorgeous and perfectly cast, and so is Bella. It really looks fantastic. I might like the SVH movie more than the book.

If I had taken the next picture quick enough, P had wrapped her arm around McK, which quickly led to a break up of cuteness.

Sitting in the chair again today. And yes, watching Baby Newton (which O pointed out has some really funny animated crayons, and one that swings on a vine, which I have never noticed before, even after "watching" it at least 50 other times. I mean, I know all of the words, but apparently wasn't ever really watching.)

Her feet are touching the floor! But if she decides to "get out" or loses balance, she would fall on her face. That didn't happen.

Clapping and getting excited! This is when I took her out of the chair, and she was done with the movie. Only about 4 minutes into it. Yeah! Not another TV addict in the house. She would rather just play with the remote and wires. By the way, we have Tivo and cable again as of today. Let's see if avoiding commercials and watching the few shows that I really like (and getting over the local channel obsession with Law and Order), I will be getting to bed before 11.


Trevlyn said...

I adore her bangs!!! She's so gorgeous!

Jennie-O said...

M's two bffs!! How cute are they together?

liz said...

Ahhh, Baby Newton. I think I used to sleep with that "I know my shapes, oh yes I do, I know my shapes, and you can, too!" song playing over and over again in my mind. Caroline used to be obsessed with us drawing that clown (while singing the song like on the show) for her OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I'm always coming across notebooks FULL of page after page of drawings of that clown. Strangely enough, I still have yet to turn on a single Baby Einstein show for Jack. Caroline was FOR SURE watching one per day by his age. Love the little chair. That makes her seem so old! Wahhh.

Jensenators said...

Cute ONEiTY pants. Sarah has those too. Your P looks alot like my Sarah I think. I hope they get to meet sometime.