Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Super 7 for Birthday Man H!

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My sweet, sweet first baby H. Already 7 years old of being your momma. You are a gorgeous, talented, smart, funny, helpful, sweet young lad (at the best of times) with some definite pre-teen, embarrassed by your Mom angst starting to peek through. Only in the last few months am I sadly unable to cuddle and kiss you in public (and especially on the baseball field) and be your loudest cheerleader (you get too embarrassed and I am quite loud!). But I love you unconditionally (which you know and certainly take advantage of, especially in this late, non-committed summer!). You are very passionate about your activities of the moment. Right now you are loving swim team and being with your friends there. Or doing a science experiment, homework, or reading a book. You are incredibly imaginative, which entertains you and the rest of us daily. You are an excellent story teller and story and book summarizer and a great and creative author too. You create fantastic dragons and butterflies and other art. You are a great and entertaining and loving big brother and son. You still love the junk food, but are getting better since loving chicken, but will still not touch vegetables (although you know it's good for you as you gratefully mentioned them in a recent prayer). You love your Dad, you grandparents, you cousins, and your aunts and uncles, and all of your teachers, friends, and neighbors very loyally. You are respectful and polite. You have a girlfriend (Meg B.) and I can tell you talk about her with your brother, which is very cute. You have been sleeping in the guest room all by yourself since you claim brother O is keeping you up at night. You still love watching T.V. and probably wish I would let you watch Sponge Bob and Star Wars III and Spiderman (no way on those 3 and much, much more!). But you are pretty content with any color and moving motion on the screen, mostly Noggin' and still occasionally you are entertained and will pop in a Baby Einstein video, for P of course ;). I love you and hope your 7th year brings you more love of life, more respect for yourself and others, more love of the gospel and reverence for Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ, more love for your siblings and friends, obedience to your parents who want the best in life for you and wish to protect you from (impossible) but at least teach you to weather well your inevitable mistakes and trials, and more fun in the mountains, at home, at the beach, in the pool, on the soccer and baseball field, on your bike and wherever this new year takes you.

Love, Mom


Kristen said...

okay cutest baby picture!!! he sounds like a great kid. you should be proud!

MarySue said...

Sending a heartful of love and fun, yummy wishes for a terrific 7th birthday. I love this grand so much.

Rachel said...

Ok, I totally that baby picture. Our fav memory is "Cute purse Mom! Good day at work Dad?" Happy Birthday Little Man! We love you!

Trevlyn said...

Wishes for a wonderful Birthday from our Gang! We love you, H!

Megan B said...

Happy Birthday H! We love you.

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday H from Oregon. Have a wonderful birthday. 3

Dori Girl said...

Happy Birfday, H! I love you so much and hope that my kids are as cute as you. I feel blessed to have been a part of you life in so many fun stages, and to be able to witness so many fun events while you grow up.