Monday, August 11, 2008

Grateful Mondee

Yes, I am lagging so much this end of summer (and the entire summer for the record), that I can't even make it on 'Grateful Sabbath'.

1. Our fantastic family trip and first "camping" adventure at Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons. Thanks to the Edgley's for allowing us to tag along on their annual trip and for pulling us along in their great ski boat. They are incredible slalom skiers and AK was able to get up and make a show of it. For a full review go here.

2. Bailey S. Bunch's 11th Birthday today. Our darling Bailey, who as newlyweds and living near her, got to hold her and love her as if she were our own. What an amazing young lady she is becoming, and quite an athlete. She is an amazing and inspiring highly decorated swimmer. I love receiving her swimming training tips, techniques, and flip turn instruction (from which I need more lessons Bailey!). She is a fantastic niece and an incredible example. I love you darling Bailey.

3. Andy Knight. He is a hottie.

4. Being able to run 13 miles on Saturday and milking it for all it's worth. Although truly, it still really hurts to walk downstairs, which is why I am still asking myself why I walked around the zoo today with O & P???? I feel sorry that I made so many people feel sorry for me today and my totally illegitimately crippled style of walking, climbing stairs, and grunting when holding P. Hopefully I will be able to bike in the morning.

5. My parents and their amazing support. They were at the finish line, although we missed each other. I still have to prove that I actually crossed the finish line for them, because I seriously don't think they believe me. For the record, when I finished it was 2:10 and on the first results showed a 9:57 minute mile average, but the added a minute or so since then. Oh well. Seriously, I finished.

6. The lovely sub-90 degree day today. I can't wait for fall. Jeans, sweaters, my new boots, here I come!


Rebekah said...

AHHHH! I remember cooing over Bailey when she was just a tiny toddler when we were all childless and carefree in our evenings and weekends! What a beautiful little girl! Amazing how life changes and I still feel so much the same! :)

Congrats again on the race. You're amazing!
Love, Rebeakh

Megan B said...

We're grateful for your good example. We all need to be more grateful for our amazing lives. Love, Mom