Friday, September 12, 2008

Andy's Back! 400th Blog

Nothing of terribly interesting note. Been watching the new 9-0 and it's full of drama and awesome cars and cute new 9-0 people. The kids were actually dreamy this week. It was nice to have access to Kate's Wii for bribing purposes. P's taking some steps. And now expects everyone to cheer when she stands. Owen's art prowess is still amazing us. And Holden's math skills are wicked quick. Andy was gone this week and was able to Wahoo and play with the Phelps. I've been mentally preparing for the Ogden tri this weekend (Brooke I've got to call you!), since I couldn't really train anymore, with AK gone, and since I guess I should rest before. I'm very nervous about competing mid-day, since I am definitely best first thing in the a.m. with no breakfast. I even got to practice changing a tire this morning as I was getting ready to cruise P around town and found my front tire completely bamboozled. AK will be attending the BYU game tomorrow with college buddies. And I've babbled like at least 400 times in the last few years. What a Friday.


JoJo said...

Congrats on your 400th post and good luck in the tri!

Trevlyn said...

You're a good babbler! ;)

MarySue said...

Best wishes in your race tomorrow. You are awesome.