Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Carnival

The Halloween festivities continue...and still no pictures! So we had a 1 year old birthday party and the Halloween Carnival tonight, at the last minute I sent Andy to the party with the 2 little ones, and I headed off for the Carnival with H, since I was feeling a little guilty for having not done one little iota of a thing for our biggest PTA fundraiser (and I am co-President). Well, chalking it up to fantastic parents, whom I know are far better qualified, deserving, and dedicated to lead, the Carnival was a fantastic success. I got to woman the punch and water and count the moolah, which I have loved to do since I was a wee little lamb. We made almost $500 more than any previous year, and we had an awesome taco-cart-bar which was sooooo good and spicy, and quite a hit. H was dracula complete with the long cape and red blood makeup dripping out of the corners of his mouth. During the night he won some goofy hippy looking glasses that he would wear the rest of the night, making the outfit even more creepy. I love that he considered himself totally dressed and fine in a cape and with the teeth and the blood drippings with no care as to what he threw on underneath, making it the easiest outfit to thrill a kid ever. O was the red power ranger and got chock full of cotton candy, snow cone (snuck without my approval), candy, and punch, which explained the blue stained lips and tongue and sticky face. I could tell he was tired, but he was definitely fueled on sugar. P was in her kitty costume and it was fun to see her walking around, since even just a few weeks ago when we put it on her she was still crawling. She had a blast trying to escape us with her newer skill (walking) and I was given huge kudos by AK for having the smarts to put her PJ's on underneath the costume making bed time for Penele a breeze for him. I can't believe October is almost over. It has been the longest month with lots of busy school things and what not, and I know that the rest of the year is going to fly, so I am trying to appreciate it. I've been able to bike with P in the trailer almost every day the last few weeks. I even do some wicked hills (1700 S. above Foothill and even more regularly up to Augusta above the zoo), today was up to the mouth of Emigration, down Sunnyside, to stop at Davis Park at 2000 E. for some playtime and then back home to get O. Penele is a trooper and we've taken Sierra and Samuel with us the last week. P & I biked to Kate's and it was a 20 minute breeze. We are watching Built to Shred and it is very funny. I miss the beach.

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