Saturday, January 03, 2009

Snowshoeing Today

Holden and I went snowshoeing for the second Saturday in a row. Last week he had a blast. This week I should've left him at home (but he wanted to go!). Or borrowed a dog, he loved having Suzi's friends' dogs last week to watch and chase. It was truly magically beautiful.

The beautiful bridge that we cross to the trail.

"The meanest Mom in the whole wide world."

Across the trail.

Millcreek. A few hundred yards below where we love to campfire in the summer and fall.

Done, done, done.

A cool view from the beginning of the real trail. Last week we made it way further, not so much this week, we made it about 10 feet further from the top of the road.


Christie K said...

I thought I held the title of the meanest mom in the whole wide world.

liz said...

When when when do I get to come?

And why does it seem that I have to take so much verbal abuse from my darling daughter? I'm with ya, lady.

Rachel said...

Meanest Mom...that is great!

Lindsey said...

Yeah for snowshoeing!! Pooh for grumpy kids!!! But yeah for beautiful winter weather. Call me next time you want to go, I'll be right there with you. I'm not promising I won't complain though! :)

Trevlyn said...

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous!

Thanks for reminding me how pretty it is to LOOK at! ;)