Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break non-spring break

Well since we took our weeklong beach vacation last month we sit at home and watch the rain and now snow while the boys are out of school for the week. We went bowling today and to the library, and besides mundane errands, playing at Katie's house, and not much else, things are going along swimmingly. We had a fantastic park day on Monday. We were at Donner for 2+ hours and since I bathed the kids in sunscreen, I got the farmer tan. We also went to Dilworth Park twice (once on a bike ride with the kids, and then for H's baseball practice, and another bike ride for P & I). P & I did a loop around Sugarhouse with the rest of the spring fevering people and loved every minute of it. It's been raining since yesterday morning, as a matter of fact, it started as I was stepping out to go on a run at 7am, so I ran at the gym instead. And today I woke up from my nap (hey I was up at 5:25am to make it to the ultra-competitive to get a bike out of 35 bikes spin class at 6am!) and it was snowing huge, thick flakes and the ground and car were completely covered! I have been shopping and getting ready to pack for the backcountry mountain bike adventure. I am in charge of the food, well the purchase of, which if it wasn't for the other people, it would be typical AK camping fare - granola bars, snickers, powerbars, oatmeal, bread and PB &J, seriously, okay the mountain food packets, but my mission was given to me to purchase frozen dinners, desserts, full breakfasts, fruit, salad fixings, sandwich/wrap/bagel fixings and 50 gallons of water - they sure know how to camp!). I am nervously excited. The weather should be good and it will be quite an adventure for me. Everytime I have showered this week, I have thought, okay, "this may be the last non-bag of water shower for a few days, enjoy!" I wish AK was coming and I can't wait for the kids to be riding and hitting Moab in a few years.

Owen got a Power Ranger and for the occasion he has been wearing his Power Ranger costume for the last hour. Very cute! He is now reading Transformers to me, gotta go!

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MarySue said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your fun report and hopefully pics.