Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School 8.25.09

Okay these are out of order, but I am growing impatient, the girls (AJ & PJ) are wandering the house, Andy is packing for L.A., and I will have no computer for 10 days. And I will miss him. Anyway, first day of school went off without a hitch. The boys were very happy, nervously excited, but then thrilled with their classes and friends after school. Owen liked first grade even better than Kindergarten and Holden said the same about third. For the record, the P&G people finally picked up the Impala today.

New outfit for Holden and new shoes for O, but I was feeling really guilty because the child with 200 shirts didn't have a new one to wear to the first day of school. I just couldn't bring myself to buy another shirt! He really didn't notice or care.

I totally made them pose and pretend they were walking to school (we were waiting for AK & PJ).
I love knowing they walk to school together and Holden is totally excited to pick up Owen and walk home with him. We get great reports from neighbors about the boys walking together to and from school, laughing, playing, being late but having fun together, looking very carefully to cross this street, etc. I am glad we have many other eyes and ears looking out for them (on their 12 house walk to school!).Giving a big hug (and/or trying to pick him up) to Zeke. Tough stuff Owen was even quite nervous, it was cute.


CK said...

very fun

MarySue said...

I love those kids, photos and that I've made that walk to school and home a few times. FUN!

Liz said...

Cute pictures and an even cuter play by play of the whole thing. So lucky to have a big brother to walk with!

Susan S said...

Love the Knight family. So fun to share first-day-of-school picts.

Heather said...

Great! Brings up memories of walking/biking to Andersen through Harbor View homes.