Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is the outfit PJ wore on Monday when we went to Dan's, in the morning snowstorm. What can I say, parking is underground and we needed milk and bread!
O (red kazoo) Post-Holiday Performance. Don't you just love 1st graders!
H aka "Guy" post-Holiday performance.
O belting it out.
PJ & NW post-performance (and moments before PJ fell on her face, unable to get her hands out of her pockets to save her face, and nailed her poor little chin).
Post-post performance nap, stealing my nap space. Okay, I totally staged her to close her eyes here, we were just reading a book, but isn't she precious.
Tonight, AK singing the 12 days of Christmas tonight to PJ.

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Pat said...

You've got to love P-sauce. That kid is pretty blasted cute.