Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mr. Bead Nose

We are excitedly celebrating Owen's birthday week. The little guy got so excited he stuck a pink bead in his nose. At first I thought it was a big booger, then a popcorn seed, since he was eating popcorn (it was "popcorn night"), but he kept telling me it was a bead. Two afterhour and weekend office/primary children's er visits later, I believe it has been extracted. They put him out for the procedure of which they used a catheter and a balloon. They could no longer see the bead, so it was a bit more dramatic than we thought. Dad/AK was with Owen, and I have been vegging at home waiting with Holden. I kind of wish we had pictures, but that is not so funny right now.

We should have ski lesson pics of the cousins (H, Zach, Bailey, & Cameron at Solitude) soon. I love my little H the ski bomber.

I am adding this late - but I had to add these pics of Owen being stoked at his 3rd birthday party celebration at Uncle Mark and Aunt Trevlyn in Phoenix, AZ. We had a blast and as you can see so did the boys!

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