Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Family, Snow, Still no Pics

H, cousin Harrison, & I went to Alta - all day on Friday. I was so tired and sore all weekend after that. We only meant to go half-day but it was President's week and we had to go all day - pull my arm. The weather was beautiful and the snow was still great from the earlier storm. It may have been the last of the good days though, it was icy in patches and the bowls were quite chunky. Hopefully it is snowing now, or will tonight. The Olympics are over. I am stoked for Julia Mancuso, and no longer sad for Bode, but I was in a slump like all week, poor guy. The media is getting to me and I almost want to go get the new Rolling Stone, with Shaun White on it. I am one of those losers hoping for a Sasha Cohen and Shaun White hook up, I mean they live relatively close.
It was so fun to have Cici, Mia, and my dad in town. This weekend we also celebrated my husband's grand father's 85th birthday, who is kicking it with his girlfriend and his chrysler ride that pimps "LST GSP" or last gasp on the license. He is awesome. AK's dad Steve was in town as well. The boys loved that he stayed and visited with us, and they loved the chance to see Tia Dori & Linny, as we loved seeing them all as well.
We have had a turbulent nerve racking weekend and week as well, Owen has smacked himself, tripped himself, jumped onto other bodies (Samuel, who escaped without a peep) into my nerves and I am re-learning that I don't do well in these situations of blood, pain, and pain derived screaming. He is resting now, which brings peace to my soul. This week I am hoping to get H back up to Alta (and myself) so he can practice doing turns, and I can too. :)

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JoJo &/or Bob said...

It totally freaks me out that the boys are old enough to go skiing! That is crazy! I am proud of H and Harrison for learning to ski, though. Congrats boys! :)