Friday, April 07, 2006

Zoo, Kindergarten Open House, & Owen's Fun Clothes

AK & I at Entrada de Troon West in St. Curious George with David B. It was awesome and as you can see - quite beautiful! We go again next weekend!

Bear with me - if you read this. This is my journal. So yesterday it dumped snow alllllllll day long. We got 2 feet in the mountains and probably half of that in our front yard. It was a mess and then it rained in the evening - not cool. But today was so beautiful. Blue, sunny, & warm so we headed for the zoo. Everything was still white and snowy and messy until the afternoon when the city was one melted snow river. The kids loved the puddles and Owen ended up in backward shorts - self clothed, and shirtless at Katie's! As a matter of fact I had forgotten that he was shirtless in the car - since his shirt was a little muddy - when I told AK we would meet him at Gateway for dinner. I didn't realize until I opened the door to get Owen out that he had his green tennis shorts on backwards, argyle socks and his brother's sneakers (since his were still wet from the puddles) and no shirt! I convinced him that his shirt wasn't too muddy to wear and we took off and didn't notice his quirky duds until... he was walking around with his hands in his pockets that were facing backwards. He is great and such a funny kid - as you can see in the latest batch of photos at

Sweet Holden and I went to Kindergarten open house. He was a little timid at first but quickly warmed up with some cool rubber band contraption and some funny books. He will most likely be in the class we spent most of our time - unless for some reason we decide to put him in all day kindergarten. But Ms. Pitham and her assistant Mrs. Torres (who is in our ward) are awesome and highly recommended by all who are in the know. I saw a few friendly mom's Emy Dalton Eckling and her daughter Ella, and Marie Thompson and Tanner (H's buddy), and a few new friends (Frank and Ella & Christy (?) from around the corner. All of these people are within 5 houses of us and most I have never seen in the neighborhood before. That is winter for you!

The zoo was fun. We finally renewed our pass and Kate and the boys sans Harrison and Susannah Wixom and her cute boys joined us. Unfortunately my boys were on one and fighting with all around but we made it through. AK golfed today and hated it. Maybe Troon looks tougher than it really is? I am planning on boarding tomorrow - I've gotta check the reports though...

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