Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fire Alarm at NBPL

My little three year old terror of love and muscle decided he wanted to leave the library we were trying to be as quiet as can be (unsuccessfully anyway, we don't quite get the whisper/"secret voice" thing in this family yet) and he innocently (yeah, right) opened a door marked 'emergency exit' only and set off all of the alarms in the not so small, or unoccupied library at 10 am. We got our books and quickly left when I saw the helicopter and probably just missed the fire engines. I mean we didn't escape, he was definitely known as the culprit, but I had to get out of there for the embarrassment. So I decided not to take them anywhere! So we drove around for 45 minutes until I was safe with Rachel and Mia and Madre (in other words with other people around). We ended up going to Irvine Park to ride a pony, the train, and see the OC Zoo, at which the black bear put on quite a show for us. When we first saw him he was perched in a tall tree, then we got to see him climb down, and skirt over and take a look at us. Owen is not sleeping! I can hear him and am about to scream - he is driving me insane. He needs a male influence right now - I could tel because when I mentioned that we would be seeing Rachel and Mia today he quickly asked/demanded that Ryan was coming too!

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Rachel said...

Love it! I am so glad you are close enough to see so often and will be sad to see you go. Although I am sure you are ready to be back in the home environment. I do think you have done a GREAT job and doing and seeing everything. Even with a couple fire alarms:)