Sunday, June 04, 2006

At the Beach - Part 2

We are tired. We are very, very tired. We are having fun and filling our days with fantastic summer things, but we are tired. I need a nap, Holden needs a nap, and Owen needs a nap at 9 every morning! Since the beach, we have been back to the beach, to the LA Zoo, to the Getty, parks sprinkled, lots of island walks and bribery shopping at the candy store, and to the parade today. We did the Sunday drive thing, we took the toll road to San Clemente, got a sticker at Pedro's for the wagon, and headed back on PCH. Laguna was hopping and beautiful and the "soggy" (foggy for Holden) was just burning off as we hit Main. I love the restraint of being in the car, so I am seriously considering another drive maybe North to Compton?

More Pics from the week...

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