Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fun at the Beach - Part I

We arrived to a Memorial Weekend party in LA at Matt and Kay's on Saturday. The kids had a blast watching Matt do the slip n' slide and we had fun watching Owen go for it with all of his little might. He slid about 4 feet trying as hard as he could - with a head start - but kept trying and trying - little sport. Holden cautiously watched and enjoyed it. We headed to Newps and went to NB1 ward on the Sabbath. We had a fun dinner. Monday we played at the new and awesome Irvine Terrace park while Momma and Maama walked the island. Then we headed to Big for a fun and full 3 hours at the beach. We headed home to nap and then to Maama and Baampa's pool. Dad left Tuesday morning and the boys and I headed to p/u a wagon at Target and off to Main Beach, Laguna. We had a good time and no temper tantrums (key!). Owen was finally ready for a long nap. The late afternoon and early evening was spent at Fashion Island doing some of the fun things - Merry-Go Round (Or Miracle Round, as Owen says), drip fountain, Russo's pet store, Big Fountain and of course, Wahoo's. We went home and walked to the island to get their reward of the day at the candy store. Today we are up in LA. We went to the LA Zoo with Rachel and Mia and Maama, In n' out on the way home in Hollywood and are now resting at Rachel and Ryan's. We may go to La Brea Tar Pits this afternoon, but my kids aren't resting so well, so we'll see. I am so glad we have two weeks here because between days at the beach and all of the other fun things - there is too much fun to be had. Oh yeah, and Holden and I are going to really start bugging Dad to move here - he is loving it!

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