Friday, May 26, 2006

Taylor Hicks - And the not-so secret A.I. fan

I have heard his first "single" on the radio (yesterday, in the am at the salon) and I searched for it the rest of the day...I got it stuck in my head for a minute. I really got into the last 7-8 weeks of the AI. I was never like this before. I liked Elliott Yamin and the best thing I have ever seen is the t-shirt/sticker that said "Sing it like YAMIN it!". I hinted to AK that I wanted one, but he didn't take me seriously. I loved seeing Prince in the finale - that was amazing! Where was Kelly? And I love how everyone still acts like they don't see the show - I mean 200 million or so people. Even Steph (Ced's friend from XO) who lives in Romania watches it! I guess if I were in Romania, I would watch anything! We are packing up for the beach. The kids want to be there yesterday, like me, and packing is so hard for them. They have such tough lives!
The History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson book club was last night. Great food, excellent atmosphere (Hill's backyard), and fabulous friends. I read about 20 pages, am fascinated, and will read on my vacate (when the kids are sleeping?). The book scares you to death at how infinitesimal we are and how suddenly the Earth could react and annihilate us, but the lesson learned from Spencer W. Kimball in the book Peace via E. Brooks was that we cannot fear death, terror, the sun, or anything put in our way. And to be friends and try to help all around, because everyone has troubles and trials and we cannot judge or compare. Heavy. Toods. Lates.

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JoJo &/or Bob said...

So I only watched like four episodes of American Idol this season (I kept forgetting when it was on)... but I totally thought Elliott rocked. I was glad Taylor won over Kat, though. But yeah. Here's hoping Elliott makes a CD and fast. Love you! Have fun at the beach (CA I'm assuming)! (-Jocelyn)