Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Scooters & Hikes & Locksmith

Three scooters later, and Owen is set to go! He really likes his friend Drew's scooter, which is most skateboard like, which he leans to turn, rather than turn the handle. He is a little disappointed he can't olie yet, like he does on the snowboard (when he is not moving and on a flat, carpeted surface, mind you). My little totally self potty-trained rock star rules my world. Well, except for the punching, hitting, and ear piercing screams, he's alright with me.
Holden had circus day at school yesterday and painted a beard on himself which was hilarious! Especially when he put on his favorite Marx brothers mustache disguise or clown nose. He cracks me up too and is very funny. He had a PJ party at school today, and wore the most awesome non-matching, but both striped GAP/Old Navy long johns that were actually more capri. He insisted and loved the ensemble.
This morning as Owen and I were doing the semi-annual Odyssey clean-up, he locked and closed all of the doors, leaving my spare set and every day set in the car (the spare was in my purse, also in the car, who knows why). AK was not too thrilled since just a few months ago I locked myself out of the house, he was out of town and $150 I got back inside. This time the damage was considerably less at $55. If we had gotten out and about earlier, I would've spent that much on misc. at Costco, Barnes & Noble, or Target anyway! Anyhoo, we did get the car cleaned - we cleaned the outside ourselves while waiting for the locksmith - and it looks great - for the minute. I quickly showed Kate, as to have a witness that I have cleaned my car this year!
On the hike - we did the 2nd family hike of the year. We had seen this paved path from our rock climbing adventure last week, and we hit it Saturday morning. It went to a few great waterfalls, and we took another path on the way down towards Lake Blanche, that had an ever better waterfall. The water in Big Cottonwood was so fast, it freaked my out the whole time. The boys weren't allowed remotely near it - and thank goodness since a seventeen year old girl later drowned in it, and more were swept in, but remarkably saved. Andy and I were both so freaked out since there is no way we would have lasted 5 seconds in the raging river - it was faster and bigger than I have ever seen!

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