Friday, May 19, 2006

Rock Climbing

Yesterday Andy and I went rock climbing - finally! Its been a good ten years since I have been. It was hard, hot, but so fun and exhilerating! Michael and Heather Johnson took us and I am stoked because Heather rocks and wants me to be her climbing partner! He was one of AK's mission companions in Argentina, and they are a great, adventurous, fun couple! Andy was very, very nervous, but he charged up and did great! It was his first time rappeling and everything. He's not quite sure he wants to do it again, but I hope he does. I got to go twice and the second time the sun had set and it was much cooler and easier than the very shaky first time in 10 years! We went above the S curves in Big Cottonwood, and there were a few other groups of two climbing around us as well. It was a 5.9, which I am writing just to remember. It was great!
Today we hit the park early and about 9:30 for an hour, but it started getting really hot and Owen was unbelievably red and sweaty. They are both napping since Holden went to be at about 10 and woke up at 6! That sounds like a lot of sleep to me, but he is beat.

By the way, the photo is not me. This lady is on like a 5.13 in New Hampshire. But my goal by the end of the summer is to lead a climb.

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Rachel said...

Sounds like fun. I could never do that. Too much of a worry-wort!