Monday, June 26, 2006

Full Swing Summer

Where to start...Rachel, Ryan, & darling Mia came for a visit, and we were honored to host them in the SLC. We had fun visits to the DC and even Provo and luckily even got to swim together in the Creer pool. They never cease to make us laugh (as Robert can attest!) and my boys have the greatest time with them. We were/are so sad to see them go.

Otherwise we are still hiking, last week at Snowbird & Millcreek, swimming, getting snow cones, working on obtaining stickers for good behavior in exchange for treats/activities, etc. The sticker thing is working, especially for Owen. He has been a changed man for a few weeks now. We had a Knight/Parkinson family reunion. I was hoping to see some modern-day polygamists (not really), but was disappointed by a few generations past (not too many generations back though mind you). To be fair, I am sure there are a fair share on the Stayner/Scoffield side, right? I am pretty sure I have seen at least one curious headstone. Anywho...

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