Friday, November 24, 2006

Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is in front of our Bountiful house. So, I must have been 4. Well, I was in the front with the dog Honeybun, and she/he was licking water from the gutter, and I thought that looked like a great idea, so I got down beside her and starting licking the gutter water. Ellen Traeden, our across the street neighbor came over and went crazy on me, because it was disgusting, yes, so I was very ashamed and I don't think I have ever tasted gutter water again until this day. I have some vague memories of someone getting their tooth pulled by a door downstairs in the bountiful house, and of John, the next door neighbor, and my first crush (I thought he looked just like Ponch from CHiPs, but I thought it was so funny that John was his name and John was Ponch's partner! I remember their dog, especially the dog bed, and making Christmas ornaments with John's mom, who I really liked. I think I remember hiking to the B with her too. Yea, I watched CHiPs when I was 4, nice... it was probably right after Charlie's Angels, nice...I also know I "drove" the van and crashed into the Traeden's wall, by releasing the brake, I don't really remember that though (blocked memory!).

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Rachel said...

That is good and made me laugh really hard! Love the CHiPs boyfriend:) Too cute! I will try to blog tomorrow.