Saturday, December 02, 2006


This is darling Hannah, daughter of Matt & Kay. She was born Thursday and is so cute and healthy. I can't wait to meet her. I love all of that hair! I had yet another girls' overnight this weekend. Kate and some girls' from her old ward and I went up to an amazing cabin in Heber. Good times, good food, and especially good conversation. I am grateful for girlfriends, new and old ones alike! I think this may be the last trip for a long time. I am totally gearing up for homebound status with 3 kids. Here is another picture of awesome and very manly Jackson and sweet Hannah.


Rachel said...

I haven't seen her yet, but can't wait. And how cute is Jackson? I am in love with his double chin! He is a babe. MISS YOU. Wish I could've been at that girls' night. I needed it!

Leslie said...

wow, that little jackson is SO cute! he's megan's right? i can't keep all y'all straight! and little hannah is adorable. love the hair. yay for babies!!