Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Brag Letter

This is a copy of our brag letter, sent out with the Ofoto cards that finally arrived December 26th (and sent out the same day). It has been reported that Salt Lake area people received them on the 27th, and California on the 28th. Amazing! Next year we are doing the professional portrait thing, ya know adding the 3rd kid and all, its about time! And maybe that will help?

The Knight Family, 2006 Hobbies & Happenings
In 2006…

The family loved…living in Salt Lake City, hiking together in the spring, summer, & fall, swimming together, going to baseball spring training in Phoenix, weekends in St. George, & going to Newport together, being with extended family and friends, & already loving and welcoming baby #3 to the family (due March 2007), yet enjoying the last year of being a perfectly controllable foursome!

Andy loved… fly-fishing (Green & Provo Rivers), snowboarding, mountain biking, playing on Wyoming Street’s co-ed softball team, basement demolition, surf trips, teaching Primary, being back in Pharmaceutical Sales with P&G, coaching Holden’s soccer team, being the best Dad, an awesome baker, & the most fun to be around.

Annette loved… snowboarding (a ton, thanks to bookkeeping gig at Norda’s), skiing & sledding (all last season!), going on ladies’ trips, teaching Primary, Junior League, yoga, reading, writing my Blog ‘Funny Madre’, walking, road biking, museum, hikes, & zoo trips, planning the basement remodel, & being the boys’ taskmaster, homework helper & taxi.

Holden (5) loved… starting Kindergarten at Beacon Heights, skiing, sledding, tennis, soccer, yoga, swimming, playing with friends and cousins, reading, dinosaurs, museum & zoo trips, going to the beach (Southern Cal & Bear Lake) & California Adventure, swimming at Grammy’s pool in Arizona, being a great helper, the best hiker, & having the greatest laugh.

Owen (3) loved…starting pre-school at Holladay, sledding, soccer, art, being the best cleaner, and being the best & goofiest buddy, light-saber or sword fighting, hiking, swimming, playing at the beach, books, playing the air guitar, singing, knowing that baby #3 was a girl, going to school with a Mohawk, & playing with cousins & friends.


Rachel said...

Very cute! I haven't gotten mine yet, but hopefully today. I will let you know:)

Brittany and Derek said...

How lucky am I that I have such fun cousins!!! I wish you and Andy lived near us (or that we lived near you) because you guys do such adventurous things! Now that I am a part-way blog member (I have an account but nothing to show yet) I can keep up with what's going on! Keep 'em coming!