Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Look at these darling nativity children. Owen(sheep-herder), Tayzleigh (Mary), Jaron (Joseph), H (sheep-herder), & Morgan (king). Our boys were dressed this way for like 3 hours before the actual acting out of the nativity. Oh yes, and I can't find the correct spelling of shepard? The other kids are cousins' kids - darling! Christmas was fun. I used my new toaster/egg cooker today and it is the best! We had eggs and toast (from AK's awesome homemade bread) for lunch! Oh and also I have been listening to my ipod shuffle about the house, ordering the kids to clean while I boogie down! They are awesome! We even got all of the Thank You cards written and sent. I ordered and compelled Holden to write his, bribing all the while with "tickets" (which they trade in for good things) and a trip to the Dollar Store (their favorite shopping trip ever!). Owen "wrote" his name on some cards. He does a great "O" and an H, but he does end it with an N, very impressive for 3! We love all of the fun things we were given. The boys have been alternately playing with the playskool figurines, balloons outside, leapster, & a dino game all morning. We woke up to a loud, roaring toy robot (we thought it was like 6 am but it was a very dark & gloomy 7:30 to our surprise). Here is a cute picture from last night's night-time reading session.

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Rachel said...

Very cute nativity!! We didn't do one since Mia would've had to play all the parts (except me as a donkey:)) I am trying to follow your lead and get the Thank you notes going. Will see about that after nap time (and maybe I should actually unpack and put things away first?) LOVE YOU.