Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa's Visit

It was requested that I blog about this great visit from Santa. We got a call last Sunday night from Pat Lorimer (my visiting teacher's husband, and Owen's favorite, but no longer, nursery teachers) about Santa and his elf son Angus coming to visit on Wednesday night. Of course, we said sure. We totally surprised the kids, except I gave them their brand new PJs from oneity a little early so they would look cute for pictures. We left the front door unlocked and Holden and I just happened to be sitting at the kitchen table, which is right by the front door, and we heard bells ringing and then Santa just popped right in the door. Holden looked the most shocked I have ever seen, and Santa knew exactly who Holden was. Holden later told us he thought it was Christmas night and he was worried because he thought he should have been in bed! We went to get Owen and Dad, but Owen was sort of freaked out. I think he was totally skepticle since he had already seen and loved Santa at the Gateway Discovery and they were wearing different outfits! Holden was eating it up and loved getting to know Santa. Santa told him where the reindeer were (resting up for Christmas Eve) and why he was driving a GMC (they thought that was great, I mean it was a big, white, Denali XL type, which was totally what Santa would drive in Utah), and how he needs to look for a red light on Christmas Eve (Santa's sleigh) and then run off to bed, since Santa won't come until they are asleep. Also, how Santa likes chocolate chip cookies and not skim milk, its got to be the fatty kind (I bought 2% for the occasion). He also showed Holden his good list and the not so good list. Holden was able to find his name on the good list. He also saw Owen's name. I finally bribed Owen with a cookie to come see Santa's book, and he did and warmed up in now time. So Owen got to see his name in the book, and Annette (mom's name), but we couldn't find Dad's name (Andy). Santa found Andy on the not so good list, so he gave Dad a sweet potato that we needed to rub on his head every day to make him sweeter. The kids got 2 match box cars each and candy canes and they are now special treasures from Santa. Santa was so full of love for us and the boys, it was great and very memorable. Holden was stoked, Owen was still a little skeptical, especially when they were discussing this visit afterwards and Owen said something to the effect like "I don't get why Dad made the not so good list, Mom, You are the one who yells!". I taught him a little about repentance and forgiveness that night. It is pretty classic, and quite the smart kid. We've had an awesome Christmas season, fun parties, lots of gingerbread houses, too many yummy neighbor and friend gifts. I am still a little bitter about our Christmas cards (since I ordered them on December 5th, they supposedly shipped on December 8th and they still have not arrived!). Otherwise, we have been spiritually basking in the Christmas spirit, and the kids really are getting it!

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Leslie said...

wow! what a fun surprise. that is so cool. what a lot of work santa went to just to make those boys happy. :) merry christmas!