Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Babies!

Joseph & Isabel

Isabel was born a few weeks ago, and Joseph last week (I am too lazy to get up, walk two steps, and look at my calendar for the exact dates, so you'll just have to guess). Everyone is doing great! Mia seems all grown up (according to H & O) and is taking good care of baby Isa. She is cute and already seems full of personality (well from the pics), but what do we expect from R2Phelps! The Utah people who haven't seen Joseph Alek live still can't believe how blonde the kid is, too cute! Now its the Utah preggers turns, keep 'em coming. 3 down, 3 to go! By the way, we totally have a name but we are totally keeping it a secret so you down depressor people won't bag and by the time its official it'll be too late for you to be negs. JoJo & Rachel (my readers) I might give you a hint, just because you are the only two readers, etc. By the way, good luck JoJo, its coming up! Andy and I laughed the other day because Andy remarked how we wouldn't be surprised if you called us up and said, hey by the way, we had a baby last week! You are fiercely independent my young sister. We missed you guys at Weston's b-day party. Later.


Rachel said...

You are too funny! I had to read this to Ryan. Love it!! I now am dying to hear the name...and for the record, I liked marlene (and i am typing with 1 hand whule isabel eats..something to look forward ro!) love u!

Tyson Bills said...

We kept our name secret too. Its the way to go....keep em guessing. Love that you guys blog as well. Kathy was pumped to add you guys to her list as she's a dedicated blogger. She's trying to sell our fam on it now as well.....I had a recent appendectomy which gives me time to catch up on your blog, good times.....p.s. - regarding the name, go with Barnaby or Grimace. I tried to talk Kathy into, but she wouldn't buy. Wonder why?

Susan Stayner said...

LOved your blog, and if you tell me the name, I promise not to laugh or say something discouraging!

Love, Mom

Kathy and Tyson said...

We were so excited to get a comment from you on our blog! This is such a fun way to keep in touch!

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Ooh! I want to know the name!

Yeah, I'm pretty independent. But we WILL call when the baby's born. I promise!

(And about names... we didn't tell anyone Peter until we were pretty certain that's the name. And then we prefaced by basically saying, No matter what you think... the name is Peter!!! It's your kid. Name her what you want to name her!)