Monday, January 29, 2007

Animal Control Call

Yes, today I called the animal control to complain about the darling but incessantly barking & neglected dog next door. I am pretty fed up with it and what kept bugging me is that our room and the baby's room are on the side where the neighbors dogs roam and she will never be able to sleep. Okay, actually I kept thinking, once this baby comes, her crying will be sweet revenge, but I couldn't wait 7 more weeks! Also, this weekend this crazy guy who lives across the street and has been known to yell "Shut up" randomly out into the world at the barking dogs (we do have quite a few in the 'hood) - anyway, he did it this weekend with an "You've got to be kidding me!" and I totally wanted to go out and join him, but Andy was gone, it was late, and I probably was in my PJs (which being in my condition is NOT pretty!). So, I finally called the animal control and asked them what I could do about an incessantly barking dog, and they connected me right to a dispatch! I thought about it this morning since it woke us up for the 345th day in a row (since they moved in) - granted, if it didn't Holden & Owen would probably always be late for school, but still, its annoying. So I come back from working out and I'm thinking its not too bad, get out of my car and the dog seriously did not stop barking for at least 15 minutes. I got in the shower and after it was still barking. AK gave me the okay and I made sure the call was anonymous (although I really am the only one home on our block/maybe street during the day so its a little obvious) but I am hoping they think it's the guy across the street (the yeller). I sound guilty, but honestly since I saw the animal control truck at their house, the dog has not barked! That was a lot for a silly story but I had to remember.


JoJo &/or Bob said...

Oh my that story was classic. I hope the barking really does stop, for sanity's sake.

Takes bravery to call the animal patrol, though! Good work!

Rachel said...

that was hilarious! hopefully your car won't be egged or keyed in the morning!

and ryan and i loved the car crash comment. can't wait to visit that moment with ryan:)