Saturday, March 10, 2007

ABC Thing

I got this from Rachel. It is a lot like hers, I mean my answers too, they were good ones. And maybe its my mid-night, heartburn, awake time/lack of sleep that keeps me from thinking creatively?

* ACCENT: Unfortunately more Utah all the time. I say 'er' for 'or' and what not, I hate it!
* BEST FRIEND: - Andy, sisters, Madre
* CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: kitchen floors and toilets and car cleaning
* DOG OR CAT: dog, but it has to be an "outside" dog, BIG dogs
* ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: cell phone and ipod for working out
* FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING: spaghetti factory's pesto
* GOLD OR SILVER: silver
* HANDBAG OF CHOICE: green suede Franklin Covey
* INDULGENCE: facials, its been a while...
* JOB TITLE: mom
* KIDS: andy, 33; holden, 5; & owen, 3 (4 on the 17th!); and bun in the oven
* LATEST PERSONAL PURCHASE: are you kidding, I am severely nesting, maybe a starbucks hot chocolate otherwise its all about dressing the kids for the next few months, diapers, pull-ups, and major baby gear!
* NAIL POLISH OF CHOICE: ballet slipper pink on fingers, and red for toes
* OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: 2 c-section delivery
* PHOBIAS: when people lick knives (I worry about earthquakes and imagine them stabbing themselves, seriously, everytime!), the bends (scuba), and ticks
* QUOTE: The funny things Andy says, I always repeat, because most people who aren't really listening won't catch it, and he's really funny.
* REASON TO SMILE: Owen for being awesomely 3 and my little buddy, and Holden for being so smart and sweet.
* SIBLINGS: 1 brother, 5 sisters, all from the same parents (I felt like we said that a lot growing up)
* UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I take a nap everyday.
* VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: I love vegetables! I guess mushrooms aren't my favorite.
* WORST HABIT: watching too much t.v.
* X-RAYS: my back after I injured it playing volleyball
* YUMMY FOOD I MAKE: I still love the sweet potato bisque and anything from cooking school that I really put an effort into.
* ZOO ANIMAL I MOST LIKE: Elephants, I think Mom and I actually caught one running one time, I missed them painting though, and have yet to see them in their huge pool-thing.

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Leslie said...

what? you went to cooking school? sweet! always wanted to do that. still might one day . . .