Sunday, March 11, 2007

10 Days to Go!

Here are my Holden & Owen playing guitar hero in the makeshift playroom/baby room. Yes, the basement is still under reconstruction! The drywall guy better come back tomorrow and finish! And then AK & co are supposedly doing the finish work and then painting. Not that AK isn't thoroughly capable, I mean with an advanced degree and all, but detail oriented, not exactly! Well, at least we have the baseboards and casings, no doors yet, and the carpet has been chosen and paid for, I sort of see the light. Best case scenario, it gets done while I am in the hospital right? I am super nesting and freaking about all of the extra furniture clogging up the upstairs and laundry room, but I am coping. So the pirate party is set for Owen for Friday. I sent the invitations late last week, because I was planning on just doing it a month after his birthday, you know have the basement finished and/or be able to play outside, but am getting it over with so I don't worry about never doing it. It's only 2 hours and like 8 - 4 year olds, and Andy's darling cousin dresses up like Captain Jack Sparrow and does a wicked impression of him, and looks just like him - is going to make an appearance, to either freak the kids out or delight - we will see. My kids haven't even seen the movie, so we may show them a snippet, but of course, they are super into Peter Pan right now (new release and all).
I really wanted to write about church today. So I felt flu-ish this morning and thought of not going for like a minute - besides all of the mundane and incessant questions about the belly and the trench coat uniform I don't take off all day and all. So I go and it was fabulous - of course! Andy made the point and I agreed that church goes by a lot faster now that we are out of Primary. I miss the cute kids and all, but I get so much out of Sunday School and Relief Gang. I loved chapter 5 in the manual (Prayer), I read it twice this week. Prayer was my #1 and only goal of the year, to work on kneeling and consistency for the most part. I am truly grateful for this gift and blessing of being able to speak with Heavenly Father, amazing! So, in the end, I was truly grateful for every moment I was in church, and that as I reassured the very doubtful that I would certainly be at church once more next week, I was also grateful that I would be there to hear the next great talks and lessons. Also, my smarty pant kids memorized this month's primary scripture in like 2 days, and were both rewarded with candy bars in Primary. Oh yeah, they know all of them, including the stake scripture of the year. I have probably mentioned it - such a proud momma.

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JoJo &/or Bob said...

So fun to hear the update on your life! I can't wait for the new little girl to arrive... I do hope your basement gets done before then, though, for your sanity's sake. Love!