Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Penelope Jane is Here!

one handed here - pj is here! just a few notes - lst dinner at citris grill with maama & h & o - ak had the flu. ate breakfast - took o to school, last minute supplies at target, to h's school to do the library books, chilled at home, pat lorimer came to watch the boys and we went off to cottonwood. got ready and nervous then drugged but lucid since it was just an epidural thing. I got really giggly, like out of control when 3 or 4 people had to roll my numb & naked body on my back. then dr. terry arrived in a cloud of wonderfulness and got started. I was super alert and the docs were even talking to me (last time I remember trying to get in on a conversation and they kind of ignored me, so I must have been more out of it?), AK watched the whole thing from them marking where the incision would go and on (they let me have a mirror to watch too, but I closed my eyes at the actual cutting and pulling out of my bloody guts). I saw the water break, and AK had said "you are about to lose a ton of weight right now" and they pulled her out. It was awesome and I had an overwhelming sense of love and happiness when I saw her. So I watched them stitch me back up, my uterus which was kind of lying on the outside of my body, oh yeah, they pulled a bunch of stuff out of it and that was gross, and then I didn't really see the rest. So the whole time after she came out, she was crying and had the funniest cry I had ever heard, it was definitely a higher pitched girl's scream/cry with like a hiccup. She still occasionally does the high pitch scream like once and then resumes another not so enerving cry. So eventually we got wheeled back to recovery where the fam was waiting. I was nauseous but this time I didn't throw up (thank you Zofran!) they just kept pumping that in my system. I think I nursed her quicker than any other as well, which meant I could sit up more quickly than any other. Got to my room where I would stay for 4 nights. Oh and I had a very low temperature (down to 92) that wouldn't go up, so I had to lie under this bubble that was filled with hot air (see pic). I loved my visit, having someone bring you water or a "sunrise mocktail" whenever I wanted. 2 nurses at my beck and call (poor things), lots of dope, and a nursery that took care of Penelope all night and during the day when I wanted (it sounds horrible, but it was heaven!). So I got home and kind of hit a brick wall, having to walk around the house and not have a bed that elevates and lifts up and helps me out of bed and no on demand water or drinks or yummy kozy shack pudding late night snack, but I got my family and my very favorite nurse my husband, and my nanny Mom, so its all good. And I figured a way to get out of bed without hurting and I realized I could sleep on my side. But last night (this has taken me days to write) I twisted in bed and I think I lost the upper-last part of my stomach muscles - it felt like they ripped apart - and I have been really cold, even though our house is warmer than usual at 72 degrees - AK took my temp and first it was 93 but the other ear was 96, I don't know what will really happen if this continues, but I get cold and sweaty, its weird. This is probably too much information, but I wanted to remember so I had to write it down somewhere. Penelope is doing great, she is sleeping now and I should be sleeping with her, I am lying super low today, since I only have one more half day with nanny Maama. We will all miss her doing laundry and driving the boys around and going to wal-mart for odds and ends, and loving us unconditionally, post-partum obsessiveness and all.


Rachel said...

I love this post! It is so random and takes a couple reads to understand, but you'll love it later for the memories. She is soo cute and I love that she is squeaky like Isabel. That will be a noisy pair!

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Hey, I understood it on the first read. :) Keep up the healing... I was actually just reflecting today (after a walk outside) at how amazing it is that just a few weeks ago, twisting my stomach or getting out of bed or walking around still hurt... and now, I can do all of it without any pain. Hope you're over the painful moments soon!

Leslie said...

congratulations annette! such wonderful news, your baby is a doll!
that's crazy about your low temperature. i've heard that those ear thermometers aren't super reliable, maybe you should try the mouth kind?