Friday, June 15, 2007

Blog Crazy/Summer Bike Edition

I am kind of blog crazy tonight (AK is fishing and the kids are mostly asleep). But I saw this on Leslie's site and had to re-cap my great dream last night (and maybe give a major hint for my hubby for my b-day coming up!). So my brother Matt actually gave me a great big black bike, just like the one pictured on Leslie's site here. It's the "in" bike and all being at Anthropologie and all (hopefully AK will get one from Norda's with our awesome Chip discount, thus the KHS Bikes featured here, which he carries). So I was riding it across the country, although it looked like how I picture Switzerland, which is great because a real-life dream of mine is to bike through Europe someday. But I was definitely riding it across the USA, which is not truly a real-life dream but it is my real-life dream to ride the California coast. Anyhow, that's about it. Then I was catching up on my blog reading and came across the aforementioned blog and saw the greatest link to the blog that takes pictures of fashionable cyclists. Love it! I am definitely keeping up with that one. Thanks Leslie.


Leslie said...

that is a beautiful bike. how fun! i can't wait until all our kids are big enough that we can go on family bike rides. then maybe i'll get a bike like that. :)

the sartorialist takes pictures of fashionable people on the street all over the world. he just happens to find lots of good looking people on bicycles in europe. :)

gilb said...

I have a bike trip dream that starts in Yellowstone, go to Bamf and then the Cali Coast. I think the best place to start is buying a bike. I made "goal" at WW. Horah!! Mar

Rachel said...

You are crazy with 3 posts! Love it. Keep it up. Ride your bike to see me:)