Friday, June 15, 2007

Pics from CA Trip Thanks to Rachel

Yes, so we forgot our camera on our 9 day trip to California. Have I recapped this yet? Possibly, but now I have pictures, thanks to Rachel, who did have her camera. I believe Liz took a few of us at Disney Music Hall in downtown L.A. (which was amazing!!!) And on my mom's camera, so I'll just have to wait until they upload them (which is not often!).

Have I mentioned that Holden has been riding a "two wheeler" since Memorial Day. He is a superchamp. I am looking forward to going on a ride with him in the morning. This morning he rode to the school and back in seriously 2 minutes (I could see him most of the way). And even though I told him not to stop or talk to ANYONE, he said he did stop to talk to "the lady that plays piano in primary" which was okay and quite grown up to stop to chat. Owen is now swimming on his own, but only in the shallow end. He requests his life vest when he wants to "Cannon-board" into the "pewl". Summer home "skewel" is going great. (We just love Owen's accent!) We got the Summer Bridge program book grade 1-2 for H as requested by his amazing Kindergarten teacher and he is doing fantastic. He amazes me everyday. He is reading almost everything is sight (which worried me a little about billboards but so far it is alright). Owen has a new pre-K workbook that he is cruising along in. They both have already earned and received a snowcone as a reward of 5 pages done, and they are due for more. We had art days too, and today we did our Father's Day gift ala Trevlyn. It turned out really great, I won't divulge too much so as not to spoil the surprise for our great Daddy AK. Penelope loves when the boys sing "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and when we read books to her. Holden reads to her a lot, and Owen even read her "Goodnight Gorilla" tonight. All in all our first real week of summer went swell. How is your summer going?

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