Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fun Stuff

AK & the boys arrived late Friday night. Saturday we headed to Big Corona for a fun and mostly cold few hours at the beach. The boys, Mia, and Mia's cousins Jonathan and Andrew had a blast! Uncle Mike and Uncle Ryan even really got in the water and body surfed. The waves were decent (yellow flag), but it was nice to sit in a chair with P and chill until my bum was numb. At 5:30 in the morning I was awake and unable to get back to sleep so I went on the island walk around little then the big island and it was marvelous. I really am excited to someday be a horticulturist, and seeing the beautiful flora here is amazing! I saw some fauna in the likes of a hummingbird, a gaggle and nests of blue herons (they sound like pre-historic creatures when they come back to feed the babes), and some rats with wings (pigeons). Of course the seals were barking away, which I remember hearing when we lived on Ocean in CDM. After naps we walked to the island to visit the candy shop for our "good" boys. Then off to Newport Center for Wahoo's and some koi watching. It was later so we avoided the merry go round and train for now. It was great to see the Phelps and the Kopayghora's and have the babies together.
This morning we went to church with Cici and the girls (Ryan left this morning for NYC). We lasted about 25 minutes until Holden's foot hurt so bad he just had to go home to Maama's. We still don't know what hurts, but somehow his Keen's don't hurt his feet??? But flip flops and his Sunday sandals do??? We drove home through Laguna Canyon and Laguna which was waking up at 10 am and beautiful. We made it to Bayside just in time to change into play clothes and make it to the annual Balboa Island parade. We forgot our camera (I may just have to buy one) so no pictures yet! But the parade was awesome and the kids got enough candy! Now we are resting which is delightful, so off to bed am I.


Trevlyn said...

Wow, reading this was so relaxing and like a mini vacation for me! How awesome and yes, you'd better buy a new camera!

Katie said...

The vibrant colors of the flowers were amazing to me when I visited too.. They are so beautiful... I am so glad you are having fun- we miss the boys & P and you too.

Laurie Turk said...

I agree with trevlyn - it was so relaxing reading your post I felt like I was there enjoying it with you. Enjoy your trip!