Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Old Glory

Happy Fourth of July! Our day has started out great. I dressed up P in her cute 4th outfit and bow and we went out for an early morning walk. We will head to decorate our bikes and walk in the Millcreek parade with the Wixoms and Creers for the second year and head to the 2nd annual sourdough pancake breakfast (ala AK) at the Wixoms. Then head home to pack and relax before the Stayner family reunion and hopefully a lot of fireworks. Have a great one everyone!


MarySue said...

Oh how I loved that patriotic picture Annette and the vision I have of Penelope in her red, white and blue plus her darling bros and their decorated bikes. We too are decorated here and looking forward to a late afternoon gathering (due to extreme heat). I wonder if all my kids remember the primary song we sang.. "I love my land America, with blue skies big and wide. I love my land America, with seas on either side. The prairie corn grows tall and green, the wheat is amber gold, the rivers run from mountain peaks, where the stars and stripes unfold. I love my land America, and as long as we are good, the Lord will bless America, with love and brotherhood". I think those are the words and worth singing today. I felt sad that Dori and Linny weren't born when the "big kids" learned that song so I taught it to them when they were teens; how funny...and they willing learned it. I'm blessed. Happy Birthday America to you too.

Trevlyn said...

Sounds like such a fun time! I love this picture!!! BEAUTIFUL!