Thursday, July 19, 2007

Relief Gang - Super Duper Trooper Random - Beware the Musings from 4AM

Relief Gang, as stolen from Mary Kate and Ashley, oh I mean Melissa and Mary Beth, twins whom my husband lived with in Salt Lake City while attending BYU. Yes, scandelous, and he didn't even grow up watching Three's Company, I still don't think he's ever seen it! A moment of silence for Jack Ritter. Anywho, I love the term, it is not used disrespectfully, I think it's just fun and modern. I mean Society sounds like a snotty New York Society type that our church certainly is not. We have our snotty, holier than thou days for sure, but as a society I am seeing long flowing poofy dresses and hats with umbrellas, or even good Vogue fashion sense, which is incredibly rare (props to Laurel Chirico and the lady in NB1 ward who worked at the couture section of SCP Nordstrom,with the crazy kids, and Susie Gross who always brought it to Church). Anyway, thanks to Mary Kate and Ashley, I mean, Mary Beth and Melissa, a great term that is dearly admired and utilized.

But for the record, I totally coined G-Force. In the winter quarter of 1994 as a matter of record and fact. I don't think anyone else uses it but it certainly does make sense and works for me. I can recall the day when Mark Balstead (sp?) received his endownments, he was my first good mormon guy friend to do this, going on a mission and all. That night, about five of us good kids, no really, it was a really good kid phase, anyway we all took him out to the Vortex. We all knew it was the wrong thing to do for a guy who had just gotten his G-Force and all. We didn't stay for long. And even though none of us understood or had been through the temple yet, we got it, the importance of it at least to start really paying attention to where you are and what you do really matters.

Have you read the next RG lesson on Reverence yet? It is really good!


Rachel said...

I love Relief Gang, though I haven't read the lesson yet. I give you the g-force coinage and I do use it from time to time. I MISSED you today. Check your messages and missed call. I swear I called you (ask mia too)

MarySue said...

This is wild!!! I just thought of that term and you this morning as I was waiting for my lotion to dry before getting dressed. I thought of your term and also "underroos"..I love that too. Happy day!

MarySue said...

P.S. Have you visited my blog yet?

Trevlyn said...

MS - "waiting for my lotion to dry"??? too much info! :) A - I love your term RG and use it (but always give credit to you!)