Friday, July 20, 2007

Snickerdoodles and What is the deal with my blog?!

Sorry I have been utterly consumed with my own blog and trying to fix why my links and all are suddenly appearing at the bottom of my page instead of the side? Any tips? Anywhoo, to my five readers who aren't directly related to MS, the hippest, horticulturistest, grammiest, and funnest lady who happens to be a most fabulous mother (you can see AK as a result, incredibly impressive), mother-in-law, and friend has been a long-time blog reader and commenter, one of my most loyal and sweet, and now has her own blog, Snickerdoodles. It looks way better than mine, AK's and many others I have seen, so I suspect that darling T, who quickly became a blogging expert, had something to do with it? Check it out, and let me know if any of you have any tips on my messed up blog. The picture is from our May trip to Red Butte, at 'Grammy's Spot' named after her when we visited while the little area was under construction and the day Grammy bought us our annual membership in 2006 (thank you, thank you, thank you, we renewed as quickly as could to keep going, Monday night activities there have been so fun! as well as going other days, as you well know).


Rachel said...

Can I hire T to make our blogs look better? Mine is just a template. I haven't even attempted to change it. MS's blog is super cute and I like the name Snickerdoodles...yum!

MarySue said...

Your comments are both very kind and appreciated-THANK YOU. Yes, you know Trevlyn was thee driving force behind my blog and get's the credit. Thanks for the wonderful Red Butte memories; I cherish them so very much and look forward to another trip there. Wasn't it fun last month initiating Dori to Red Butte. It's always extra fun to share it with another plant lover.