Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of the Dog Days of Summer

Our last day of summer! So of course we went swimming at the C's pool (as shown below). It was our own little country club all summer long. It was much easier with the babies than I thought. P & A love the water just as much as the boys. (We are thinking of doing Australian swim school this winter to prepare for next year!) I am so glad K & J share their pool with us, and occasionally our friends as well, but mostly just us. The boys fought harder, yet became closer as well. K & I didn't want the swimming to end, but the boys became tired and eventually a wicked scratch and punch brawl ensued. We will have great summer memories to last us until next...

The Swim Karate Kids.

H, my H, and W in their summer uniforms. Yes, beginning the first of July, my H wore the mask and fins whenever he was in the water, becoming quite a little dolphin in the water. As I said in a family email, I don't know how we are going to survive without seeing the Creers on a nearly daily basis, now that we won't be at Holladay Pre-K ;( passing by their house every morning or afternoon. If Josh were to ever read this he would definitely say either "Everyday, are you kidding me K?", or "Thank goodness!"

This picture makes me cry. S & O have become little twins, mostly because my kids have started being a little "bossy", or S just chooses to follow everything O does (no socks to messing with older brothers and cousins). They are a tough team, and eternal best buds.
Thursday, we had a surprise visit from Maama, cousins M & C. We had our last summer picnic on the front lawn, play with the remote control car, a trip inside McD's with 8 kids for cones, back for more play, and a movie. Needless to say Maama napped, O put himself down for a nap, and M remained very sleepy.
Of course C was a great helper and loves to hold the babies.


Trevlyn said...

What wonderful memories and great buddies! What a blessing to have cousins so close by! My kiddos go months without seeing any of theirs!!!

Katie said...

So cute! We have had the best summer... thanks for coming over everyday...he he!

MarySue said...

Sounds like a near perfect summer and I'm so happy for all of you. Great bonds. Love the hair bow on my darling P!!!